How Does Canadian Health Care Mall Protect It Customers’ Data?

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We Always Demonstrate Commitment to Clients’ Privacy

Breaking It Down In The Article

Our specialists respects customers’ privacy. We take care of private information safeguarding. Read to find out the ways used for data protection.

About Personal Data Term, the Notion of Non-Personal One

The notion of one’s personal data is poorly understood these days. Such information is typically any kind of info concerning a customer. He is either determined or inferred from the given information. Canadian Health and Care Mall information policy doesn’t cover aggregated data from which one can’t identify individual’s identity. However, when any kind of non-personal data is linked to an indentified individual, it becomes personal. So, it becomes a subject to pharmacy’s policy.

Reasons Why PI Is Being Gathered by Canadian Health Care Mall

Customers’ private information is typically obtained for:

  • membership applications;
  • communication with customers and delivering required services;
  • providing important materials to regular customers and when it’s required;
  • conduction of researches on pharmacy as well as reporting our findings;
  • delivering products;
  • responding to comments and inquiries;
  • meeting regulatory;
  • meeting all legal requirements.

Types of PI asked always depend on the obtained services.

How Is PI Gathered or Used?

Canadian Health and Care Mall company collects/uses/ discloses data for understandable purposes in specified conditions, when it is significant either for ensuring high quality services or for providing any sort of information to a client. At the time of the procedure of gathering one uses only lawful & faithful methods.

The exploitation is limited to the described purposes. we never sells, exchanges, trades, discloses or barters obtained personal data.

All staff members handle data in conformity with basic rules:

  1. documented purposes: after obtaining PI, we provides vivid reasons for collecting and using data;
  2. accountability: we are accountable for PI in our possession and ensure both its security & safety;
  3. accuracy: we ensure that data is accurate;
  4. consent: we always obtain consent before collecting/using/disclosing data;
  5. openness: Healthcare company is open about our privacy policy;
  6. safety: all PI is safeguarded against an access that is unauthorized. It is protected from cases of loss, those of copying or even disclosure, etc.;
  7. limits: we collect only info that is needed/required and retain it as long as it’s needed.

When Personal information May Be Shared?

The gathered facts are either shared or disclosed to specialists involved into maintenance of the service’s systems/ infrastructure/procedures, their possible reviewing and developing. It is disclosed to reliable service workers only.

There are specified circumstances that permit the data disclosure. They all are justified by the law. And the pharmacy is obliged to share the gathered facts without any consent:

  1. when required by law;
  2. when required by requirement of an administrative agency, court, governmental tribunal;
  3. upon reasonable grounds for privacy or safety, property or right protection of a person and even a group of people;
  4. in case the data is public;
  5. when it’s essential for limiting damages that may be sustained.

How We Protect Personal information

Our team maintains appropriate technical protection as well as procedural and physical one with respect of details storage to forestall their possible misuse or disclosure. We safeguard against unauthorized access and even loss, data modification, etc. The pharmacy also restricts access to the employees, who aren’t responsible for shipping and delivery organizations. If any employee misuses PI, this act is regarded as a serious offense, so disciplinary action is taken. When it comes to storage of customers’ private information, we cooperate with professional service providers. All details are kept and protected as long as required.

In case of disclosing details and facts to companies or reliable organizations responsible for performing significant services on pharmacy’s behalf, we require them to apply info for purposes that are regulated.