How Canadian Online Drugstores Flooded the Market with Cheap ED Drugs

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The expression “Viagra from Canadian Pharmacy” has become synonymous to “cheap Viagra” or “generic Viagra”. But why on Earth Canadian, you may ask. That’s a good question. That’s the question this article is about. Why does it happen that everyone wants to buy ED medications from Canada?

Some Statistics on the Global Market of ED Drugs


According to Zion Market Research, global sales of ED medications have reached USD 4.82 billion in 2017, which includes only brand drugs distributed by authorized channels such as retail pharmacies, hospitals, and online stores. It is expected the market will grow by approx. 5.7% every following year and may reach USD 7.1 billion in 2024. Another agency Transparency Market Research predicts less optimistic scenario where ED drug market declines at a CAGR of 3.2% from 2018 to 2026.

Taking into consideration the opinions of both experts, we suppose that the market will grow with the tendency of increasing of the generic ED drug share. And that is where Canadian online pharmacies play a significant role, though they often remain beyond statistics. In this article, we touch upon only sales of Canadian Viagra, as Viagra being the first approved ED drug on the market is also the first ED medication obtained its generic version.

Why does Viagra from Canadian pharmacies have become popular?

There are two main reasons: trusted quality and a lower price. The generic version of Viagra was launched by Teva Canada as early as in 2012 when the Supreme Court of Canada invalidated Pfizer’s patent in Canada. This decision made it possible for other companies selling sildenafil citrate (which is the chemical name of the active ingredient of Viagra) legally in Canada. For this, a distributor or representative of the manufacturers should apply to Health Canada and get permission for sale. Currently, there are 50 entries for sildenafil citrate in different dosage in Canada Health Database with the status “approved” that means all of them received marketing authorization.

First, generic Viagra was marketed in Canada only but, then, meeting the increasing demand from the US customers who even traveled across the Northern border to fill their prescriptions in Canadian brick-and-mortar pharmacies, Canadian online drugstores expanded their business abroad. According to the above mentioned Zion Market Research, the share of the US in all the market of ED drugs in North America is 92%, which is huge. For sure, such a want cannot be kept within the US market considering fare competition. At this point, the interests of US-based pharmaceutical companies collide with a free market. Canada was the first foreign country where American customers rushed into. And it was where the term “Canadian Viagra” appeared.

A growing number of online pharmacies gave customers a choice they had not before, but it also brought force numerous problems related to legacy and quality.

Polemics on Canadian Viagra: Dangers and Risks versus Benefits

As soon as such an issue as Canadian Viagra first appeared, polemics about the phenomenon have been going by years.

The FDA adheres to the radical views that all that is not originated from the US based companies is dangerous and counterfeit ( Any pharmacy that delivers worldwide is automatically considered rouged, which sounds strange for pharmacists in many countries that have proper drug regulations and take care of their citizens. Another argument why Canadian Viagra is called counterfeit is that Pfizer’s patent is still valid in the US.

NABR (The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) also warns about potential risks when ordering medications online. NABR especially emphasizes the problem of fake “Canadian” pharmacies that are increasing in number. This problem is a real disaster for legal pharmacies that also can be mistakenly recognized as rogue online stores. Here we present some real Canadian services with a high reputation.

Our Pick: 5 Best Canadian Pharmacies for Buying Viagra

  1. Canadian Pharmacy World is a Surrey based pharmacy that has been working since 2006. It offers a wide range of prescription and OTC drugs, including ED medications. Free shipping for US orders is a good bonus for foreign customers.
  2. My Canadian Pharmacy is an online service registered in 2001 with a specialization in Men’s Health products. It presents a 24-hours customer service, online consultation with a pharmacist and attractive packages.
  3. Online Pharmacies Canada is a company registered in British Colombia. It offers both brand and generic Viagra on a prescription.
  4. AdvCare® Pharmacy offers a service of online a Canadian based physician.
  5. Your Canada Drug Store Customer Care has a motto “Committed to saving you money”. Started from brick-and-mortar business in Winnipeg the service has over 20 years of experience and takes care of customers with outstanding efforts.

Viagra Customer Reviews

Despite regularly being claimed as counterfeit by FDA officials and leading American pharmaceutical companies, generic Canadian Viagra gathered a huge number of customer reviews that prove it genuine though not branded medicine. Here you can find what customers of reputable websites say about their experiences.

Sildenafil (from, review rating 5 of 5

From By Graciano r (Canton,CO)

“I’ve used both generic and brand forms of viagra I’ve found that I have been satisfied with both.” 

Generic Viagra (from, review rating 5 of 5

Jarod Griffits, teacher, 43

“Viagra Super Active+ Is the medicine I buy regularly. And it has never let me down. The effect is really amazing! I do not say that my penis grew twice as big and that I can make love all night long, but I really do not have problems with insufficient erection as I used to.”

Viagra (from, no rating


“I’m 66 and I’ve been using viagra for 20 years. For years it worked great; However, it has almost completely lost it’s effectiveness now. I can’t seem to find any recent studies on whether or not this is normal> Tried Levitra and Cialis– no better. Anyone know anything?”

Sildenafil (from, rating 1/10

“Sildenafil did not work for me at all, not even the 100 MG pill. This drug is a total waste of my money for me. You can’t contact the manufacture to try to get answers about it.”

Sildenafil 100 mg (from, rating 5/5

“Reasonable priced product with equally ,Strong results within the hour. Recommended.”