Daivobet/Dovobet – Is It Effective Against Severe Psoriasis?

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Daivobet® (Dovobet): A New Formulation for the Treatment of Psoriasis

Daivobet® introduced by LEO Pharmaceutical Products Ltd. of Denmark  (sold as Dovobet in North America) comprising of Calcipotriol and Betamethasone Dipropionate has been heralded as an very effective formulation for the treatment of psoriasis.

The BIG question on psoriasis sufferers minds is Is Daivobet effective against severe psoriasis?

The short answer is YES.

Daivobet and Dovobet are indeed effective treatment methods for severe psoriasis. These medications are available in the form of ointments, gels, and creams. There are some side effects to be considered in their usage. Below we will look at their effectiveness and the side effects of these medications as well as what may be recommended.

Psoriasis: What Is It?

Psoriasis is best described as a chronic skin disease. This disease affects an estimated 2% of the population. The onset of psoriasis occurs when the skin cells divide too quickly, thus the skin produces new cells at a rate that is as high as 4 times the normal rate. Psoriasis may reveal itself in several different ways, but will be recognized mostly as red, thick, scaly patches of skin with a scaly feel that will leave noticeable marks when scratched.

Psoriasis will more often appear on the upper regions of the body, areas such as the elbows or hands; however, it can also occur in the scalp and nails. Those who suffer from psoriasis do not have a contagious condition. It should be said that it is not possible to cure psoriasis, but with the large number of effective products on the market symptoms can be effectively alleviate.

A Look at Daivobet

This medication combines calcipotriol and betamethasone dipropionate, an effective formulation which allows the patient to benefit from both of these active ingredients for maximum therapeutic effect. In clinical studies, this medication was proven not only effective for patients in experiencing faster onset of the effect, but also a significant efficacy when compared to treatment methods in which the two products were implemented separately. Those patients suffering with severe psoriasis have reported a marked improvement in their disease when using this medication. An overall analysis of four randomized trials which included more than 1,400 psoriasis patients has revealed that daily treatment resulted in a reduction of at least 70% in the Psoriasis Area Severity Index or PASI scores.

Dovobet: Is It Effective?

Dovobet ointment, Dovobet gel and Dovobet cream contains the active ingredients, betamethasone and calcipotriol. Calcipotriol, a derivative of vitamin D, has proven very effective for those affected with psoriasis. Its effectiveness is due to its ability to reduce the over-production of skin cells, thus promoting normal skin growth. Because of this Dovobet ointment, gel and cream effectively alleviates the appearance of psoriasis by flattening and clearing the psoriasis plaque.

Betamethasone is a topical corticosteroid found in Dovobet gel as well as the medications other forms. Corticosteroids are an effective medication used in Dovobet cream effectively reducing the accompanying inflammation of psoriasis. This inflammation is due to the irritation within the skin from releasing the various immune system substances. These immune system substances are causative of blood vessels widening, which result in the affected area becoming swollen, itching and painful as well as giving off the red appearance associated with psoriasis.

Betamethasone works by acting within the cells decreasing the release of inflammatory substances thus reducing swelling, redness and itching. These medications are available in a range of strengths of corticosteroids. Dovobet cream, Dovobet ointment and Dovobet gel contains betamethasone dipropionate at a rate of 0.05% and thus is classified as a potent corticosteroid. In combination, these medications are used to treat and stabilize plaque psoriasis. Because this medication is classified as a potent treatment method, it is recommended that it should be applied only once a day especially during the first four weeks of treatment. Repeated and/or prolonged treatment must only be implemented under the supervision of a physician. Moreover, this medicine should not be used if it is found that you are allergic to any of the medications ingredients.

Caution For Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Mothers

Although it is well known it should be said that certain medications should not be used during pregnancy or by breastfeeding mothers. While some medicines may be perfectly safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding, the advice of a physician should be sought if you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy before using any medications. When it comes to psoriasis medications it is usually advised that these medications should not be used during pregnancy. However, if a psoriasis medication is prescribed by your doctor it should not be used on large areas of skin or used for prolonged periods of time. The same can be said for breastfeeding mothers as well. In addition, breastfeeding mothers should not apply psoriasis treatments to the breast area.

Daivobet / Dovobet Side Effects

All medications can affect different individuals in various ways. Daivobet/Dovobet side effects most commonly reported with its implementation for psoriasis treatments are as follows: itching, rash, and a burning sensation during application and after the medicine have been applied. Some uncommon Dovobet side effects include pain or irritation in the area of the skin in which the medication has been applied, and if used on the scalp area inflammation of the folliculitis has been reported, as well as inflammation of the dermatitis, skin reddening, skin pigmentation changes, and in rare cases a worsening of the psoriasis. The side effects mentioned above may not include all of the possible side effects that may be reported with these medications. For more information about the possible side effects of these medications or any possible risks associated, read the provided information found on the medications packaging or consult a physician and/or pharmacist.

Medicine to Medicine Interaction

While these medications have not been found to affect other medications a patient may be prescribed it will be paramount that you inform your doctor and/or pharmacist as to the medications you are presently using. Moreover, include those medications you take without prescription as well as any herbal medicines before starting psoriasis treatments. Also talk with your doctor or pharmacist before using any new medications while you are using any psoriasis medications as this will ensure that the combination is safe. It should be noted as well that since many psoriasis medications contain corticosteroid, they should not be used in conjunction with other corticosteroid based creams or ointments.