Careers: Write the Alii Story

Alii Healthcare is an ATDC signature company, proudly founded in Atlanta. It is our mission to give every person access to respectful, definitive medical care on their terms, and we are changing the way people everywhere see a doctor.

We are looking for people who are hardcore about improving healthcare and who want to continue helping us write new rules. We’re also looking people who are smart, bold and comfortable being uncomfortable. If you’re someone who thinks big, solves tough problems and then gets shit done, we think you’ll like it here.


At Alii, you work with a purpose, and we help you master your field. For a lot more detail on what our culture, values and tenets look like, click here.

What to expect: the opportunity to challenge yourself and do your best work with smart, good people.

What not to expect: a comfortable, easy ride. and bullshit.

We believe first and foremost in hiring smart people that we want to be around and that we can see growing with the company. We’re always hiring, and that includes interns.